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advertising hand fans vary as widely as the imagination. Our advertising hand fans can be made from nearly any material be quite simple, beautiful and functional. They can cost comparatively next to nothing, or be relatively expensive. Generally speaking, our hand fans are distinguished for their elegant fan-covers. The advertising hand fans could also be classified into bamboo fans, feather fans, silk fans, paper fans and ivory fans according to the material of fan-cover.

History of Advertising Hand Fans

Hand fans have a history of thousands of years around the world, beginning with ancient Egypt. Paper hand fans took a few more centuries to catch on. Although paper was invented in China, paper hand fans originated in Japan and were imported to China during the Ming dynasty. They were first made by attaching decorative paper to thin sticks of bamboo. The method of paper hand fans accordion style was established when hand fans were made from papyrus or thin slats of wood. Paper, however, was more flexible and less bulky, making the paper hand fans easier to carry around. The beautiful designs and low cost of Oriental paper hand fans caused their popularity in European regions like Spain and England. Styles, materials and designs varied greatly from one paper hand fan to another, though the basic structure has changed little.

Significance of Advertising Hand Fans

When hand fans first became popular in China and Japan, they had both function and significance. Women carried fans around as readily as they wore shoes. Often, the hand fans bore the design of a family crest or the symbol of a particular dynasty to which the family was loyal. In England, rich women and members of the royal families carried hand fans made from bone or ivory and interwoven with jewels and golden foil. The more elaborate the design, the higher the status of the owner. Aristocratic women of Spain and England used their hand fans as a sort of secret code to communicate with each other more freely than society would allow. Hand fans still have much significance in China and Japan while the rest of the world admires them as souvenirs and home ornaments.

Benefits of Advertising Hand Fans

The most obvious function of a hand fan is temperature control. Even the most crudely made fan can make a hot sticky day more bearable. But other functions of hand fans are much more interesting. The great benefits of hand fans are that they are portable, functional, economical and easy to make. And it doesn’t require electricity to run. Children can be taught to make paper hand fans as a project. They can learn not only the craft but the history behind the hand fans and the significance of the design.

promotional advertising hand fans

Nowadays, hand fans are widely used as a perfect advertising item for outdoor. With its large printing area, customers can imprint their logo, brand name or anything they want to deliver to the receiptors on both side of the advertising hand fans using full colors printing. With different shapes and materials, customers can have their personalized advertising hand fans for a successful marketing campaign.
paper hand fans
paper hand fans
paper hand fans

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